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Why Should you choose us ?
All our products have the following features which makes us an ideal partner

(A) World class product engineering :
if you see any of our products, you will notice that we give topmost priority to:
»  Aesthetics (good looks)
»  Good engineering practice in design
»  Maintainability aspects
»  Backward compatibility with existing products.
»  Ingenious design concepts.

(B) Adherence to International Quality Standards:
Our design and manufacturing processes are certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards by none other than TUV, NORD. Our processes guarantee you.
»  Reliability
»  Traceability for ease of field maintenance
»  Continuous process/products improvement
»   Proper preventive and corrective methods to address any design or manufacturing issue on a proactive basis. We maintain a well documented Quality System Manual (QSM) and Quality System Procedure (QSP) to meet the ISO standards.

(C) In-house Design & Development Experience:
»   We have the complete design and development knowledge base for delivering products used in Military which means have thorough understanding of Military testing standards like MIL-STD-810F and MIL461E and others. We have been designing products used in Military for the last few years and there by have gained sufficient knowledgebase to deliver you a working product in the first development cycle it self without washing to much time by repeating the evaluation tests.

(D) Guaranteed High Quality Raw Materials :
»  We use only the best sub-assemblies from the most reputed European, American or Japanese sources in all our products thus ensuring that you get world class products. No compromise in terms of cost or quality is done while choosing sub- assemblies for new products.

(E) Turnkey Solutions:
»   We not only design and manufacture prototypes as per your requirements, but also involve ourselves in post development evaluation of the product to MIL standards or any other user specific standard. While designing a new product, we do all the necessary ground work of identifying the exact part and source from across the world thus relieving you of all burden in realizing a new product. We then present you with complete whitepaper on why certain inputs have been selected and what are pros and cons of the design. Should a need arise, we undertake alterations in the prototype design at no extra cost to meet the specifications or standard better.

Besides, we have access to world class testing standard in our city (Bangalore) it self for environmental tests and MIL 461E for EMI at significantly lower cost. We can undertake certification or type testing for the prototype products. The testing costs shall be passed on to you at actuals without adding any further margins from our side. This reduces the overall cost of a mew product development.

(F) Lower total cost of ownership :
»   Since India is a low cost economy, our manufacturing costs are significantly lower than that of developed countries. We pass on the benefit of lower manufacturing cost to you to result in much less cost to you for comparable product quality.

»   We do not charge any NRE (Non Recurring Engineering) charges for any of our products which is a standard cost for all products developed in Europe far east. For us to take up a new product development, it is just sufficient that (i) you foresee a good requirement for the product in the future years (ii) you are prepared to give us a firm order for one or two prototypes are developed on cost + basis. This reduce the acquisition cost.

»  We use standard hardware modules and sub-assemblies from the most reputed manufacturers worldwide for eg., most of our LCD’s come from either NEC or Sharp, Japan and our power supplies come from Lambda/Vicor in all our products. Since these are available off the self, the products are immensely maintainable at much lower cost rather than being tied up with original equipment manufacturer of proprietary products. This reduces the Operational costs.

»  What You Wants Is What You Get! We associate with our customers with long term objectives and work in a transparent manner discussing each and every design stage with the user group to deliver you products which exactly meet the initial design criterion. To this end, every custom designed product goes through the following steps.

1) Conceptualize a 3D model of the end product
Based on the generic requirement collected from the customer we conceptualize a 3D Model of the end product. All the electronics required for a product like LCD, Single Board Computer, Power Supply etc would be selected based on the critical environmental parameters and other specs of the product required. The Single Board Computer will be either selected from the available COTS or a special design of the SBC will be undertaken depending upon the product specs and other criteria. All the other electronics required for the product like Keyboard Multiplexer, Battery Charger circuit etc will be designed in house.

2) Manufacture of prototype
All the mechanical fabrication of the product will be outsourced to our approved vendors. All the mechanical vendors approved by us are all ISO9001: 2000 certified companies and have a good track record and are approved by many companies like GE, APC etc. The Single Board Computer will be either be selected from COTS or designed in-house depending on the product specs. In case of our own design, we design the Single Board Computer based on certain FPGA/Microcontroller. The PCB required for this Single Board Computer will be designed using advanced PCB design software like Mentor Graphics and this software will also validate the PCB design. The PCB fabrication will be outsourced to reputed and approved vendors. The PCB assembly for Prototype is done in-house by trained technicians who have undergone specialized soldering technology training from Government approved training centre. Mass production of PCB assembly is outsourced to reputed EMS companies.

3) Validation of design through type tests
Once the prototype is manufactured we validate the design of the product by conducting type tests at our customer end/ reputed NABL (National accreditation board for testing and Calibration Laboratories) approved Labs. Apart from the type test we also test the customer application software continuously for few weeks to ensure the compatibility of the hardware with the application software.

4) Modification (if required) based on test results
Necessary modifications will be undertaken on the prototype based on type test results.

5) Validation of product (if modified) by repeating specific.
After undertaking necessary modification we repeat certain specific type tests to validate the modification done on the prototype

6) Release of drawings for serial production
After that drawings are released for serial production.